40 Ton Ystadt #KMD3150X4, 10'X3/16", Dbl Bend/Fold, 5-Ax, Mits EC900 CNC, 24"Clamp Str, '96




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10' x 3/16" Ystadt Model KMD 3000 x 3/16" CNC 5-Axis Double Bending Hydraulic Bending & Folding Machine

S/N: 626 New: 1996

Mitsubishi EC900 With Full CRT. Graphics Keyboard. Pendant For Front Or Rear Operation. Beams. And Back Gauge With Pneumatic Flip Up Stops. 10' Wide Back Gauge With (4) 10' Loading Arms. Pneumatic Flip Up Stops At 20" Increments. Crowning Attachments. Variable Speed Folding Beam. 2-Axis Synchronization For Parallelism Control Of Clamping And Bottom Beam With Off Center Loads. CNC Controlled Back Gauge And Flip Up Stops. (2) Lift Up Arms On Back Gauge To Assist Turning Over Panels. Large Quantity Of Dies. Die Handling Cart. Work Zone Barrier Guards.

Working length 10'
Sheet thickness - mild steel 3/16
Clamping beam stroke 24"
Daylight of clamping beam (without tool) approx. 30"
Shutheight of clamping beam (with tools) 6"high 0"
Max. clamping beam force 40 tons
Max. speed of clamping beam up 180"/min
Max. speed of clamping beam down 180"/min.
Angle adjustment for upper and lower beam 0-135°
Speed of folding beam complete cycle from 0-90° bend (lower) 4 sec.
Speed of folding beam complete cycle from 0-90° bend (upper) 4 sec.
Repeatability of folding beams (2) ±0.1°
Clamping beam repeatability ±.004"
Up/down adjustment of bending beam (lower) 4"
Up/down adjustment of bending beam (upper) 24"
Weight of machine without back gauge, approx. 20,000 lbs
Maximum positioning of b.g. 10 ft.
Minimum positioning of flip up stops on b.g. 1/2"
Positioning accuracy ±.004"
Programming b.g. positioning in increments of .004"
Space required excl. hydr unit 15 ft by 14 ft.
Hydraulic power unit will require 50" x 35" approx.

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