25" Waterbury Farrel ZR19-25 Sendzimir 12-Hi Cold Rolling Mill, (13051)





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MACHINE# 13051


This Sendzimir Mill ZR 19-25 12-HI Rolling Mill for stainless steel is now in

storage. The Mill is for the most part complete. Some component parts to be

modernized or supplied by the Purchaser are noted herein.

Operation: Reversing Cold Rolling 12-HI Sendzimir Mill

Material: Stainless Steel 200,300,400 Series

Strip Width:
Entry: 457.2 (18 in.) to 635mm (25.0 in.)
Exit: 457.2 (18 in.) to 635mm (25.0 in.)

Strip Thickness:
Entry: 0.5mm (0.020 in.) Can be higher
Exit: 0.025mm (0.001 in.) to 0.7mm (0.028 in.)
At minimum thickness of 0.025mm, the strip width should be at least 457.2mm

Coil Weight: 2950 kg (6500 lb.) max.
Coil O.D.: 900mm (40 in.)
Coil I.D.: 406mm (20 in.)

Mill section: ZR 19-25

Mill Speed: 0/50/150 MPM (0/150/450 FPM)
Line Direction: Left to right
Mill Power: 150 HP @ 0/575/1150 RPM
Winder Power: 100 HP @ 0/350/1400 RPM
Winder Tension Maximum: 16500 lb. to 200 FPM

Minimum Tension: 8250 lb. to 450 FPM
Tension Range: 20:1
Coolant System: Mineral Oil lube/Coolant
Power Supply: 6000 (Primary) / 380VAC, 3 Ph., 50 Hz, 220VAC, 1 Ph., 50 Hz

Floor Type Coil Car: 2 x Available

Coil Weight: 3181 kg (7000 Lbs.)
Width: 25" (635mm)
O.D. 40" (1016mm)

Lift Stroke: 24" Approximate
Traverse: 2 meters
Pump Unit: 5 HP, AC

Application: Then entry coil car is designed to receive and store coils from

either lift truck or overhead crane. Car positions coil on the payoff mandrel.

PAY OFF UNIT: To be supplied by the Purchaser.

Paper winder and drive is supplied and mounted on the base - 2 Available

Left Winder Stand (TUB) and Base - 2 Available

Left Tension Reel w/multiple 100, 150 HP DC motors and gear boxes available

.Strip Entry Encoder - 2 Available

Entry Thickness Gauge - X-Ray
Two hydraulically operated housings available.
AM241 isotopes removed.

Mill Housing - Available

Specifications as previously installed:

Mill Type: Sendzimir Reversing 12-HI Mill

Work roll diameter: 40.0248mm (1.812 in.)
Roll face Length: 660.4mm (26 in.)
Drive Roll diameter: 104.775mm (4.125 in)
Backing bearing diameter: 76.2mm (3 in.)
Lubrication: Mineral Oil
Mill housing: Forged alloy tool steel

Input Power: 3 x 150 HP @ 0/300/900/RPM
Mill Speed: 0/50/150 MPM (0/150/450 FPM)
Maximum tension: 16500 lb. to 200 FPM
Minimum Tension: 8250 lb. to 450 FPM

Mill Rolls - Not Available
Rolls are forged alloy steel, hardened and ground.
Backing Assemblies: Not Available
Backing assemblies are the Sendzimir binocular design on the "A", "B", and "C"

backing assembly shafts.

Backing Bearings - Not Available - to be supplied by Purchaser
Number of Bearings: 24 (3 per shaft)
Bearing manufacturer: Timken or equivalent

Strip Sprays - Not Available - to be supplied by Purchaser
Strip sprays are located on both sides of the mill; both above and below the

strip pass line. The sprays in each quadrant include recessed nozzles. In

addition to providing maximum heat extraction, the "spray boards" help guide

the strip through the mill and protect the intermediate rolls and backing

assemblies from damage by broken strip.

Mill Base available with mill housing

Automatic Gauge Control - Available

Complete operator panel with AGC computer/hardware and gauge control computer

has been recently purchased (new) from I2S (USA). Includes complete operator

desk. It will require some additional work to be fully operational.

Coolant/Lube System - Not Available - to be supplied by Purchaser
Original system schematic drawings are available.

Specifications of Coolant System:
Type of Oil: Mineral Oil
Viscosity: 70-90 SSU
Total Tank capacity: 3000 G
Spray pumps: Two (2) one operating, one standby 10 HP
Filter system pumps: Two (2), 10 HP
Clarity: 1 Micron

New SCR Electrical Drives to be supplied by Purchaser



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