Haas 2017 Super Mini Mill 2 with Tool Probe, 20 ATC, High speed tool changer, P-cool, chip auger, Low Hours and manuals




Super Mini Mill 2

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Haas Super Mini Mill II 2017

Manufacturer: Haas
Model: Super Mini Mill 2
S/N: 1136443
Year: 2017
Condition: Excellent

Travel "X" 20"
Travel "Y" 16"
Travel "Z" 14"
Table size 40" x 14"
Table load 500lbs.
Max. Rapids 1200 IPM
Max. cutting 833 IPM
Spindle taper Cat. #40
Spindle speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle power 15 HP
Tool Changer 20
Time T to T 1.6 Sec.
Chip to Chip 2.2 Sec.
Machine weight 4,000 lbs.
Dimensions 85" x 84" 103"

Equipped With:
POWER ON 124 HOURS, RUN TIME 1 HOUR** 15 HP Spindle drive, tool probe Chip Auger, Programmable Coolant nozzle, 20 tool High speed tool changer, Coordinate rotation & scaling, User-Definable macros, Visual programming system, spindle orientation, tool probe (OTS), 12, tool holders, free coolant $ 58,180.00 replacement cost.

Haas, Super, Mini Mill 2, Drill and Tap, VMC, Vertical Machining center

F.O.B.: Elk Grove Village, IL

PRICE …………………. $34,500.00

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