200 ton Clearing Niagara SE2-200-72-42




SE2-200-72-42 UH

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Spec Sheet

Tonnage - 200
Stroke - 6 inches
Shut Height - 28 inches
Adjustment - 9 inches
Bed Size - 72" LR x 42" FB
Ram Area - 72" LR x 42" FB
SPM - 50-100

Standard Specifications
200 ton Metric Capacity
220 ton Short Capacity
6" Stroke
28" Shut Height
9" Motorized Adjustment
72" LR x 42" FB Bed Area
72" LR x 42" FB Slide Area
50-100 VSPM

Equipment and Features
Air Clutch and Brake 
Air Counterbalances 
Recirculating Lube System
8 Point Gibbing 
T-Slotted Ram and Bolster
Updated Omni Link Press Controls
Black Max Light Curtains
Vibro Dynamic Floor Pads
T-Stand Palm Buttons
22" Wide Windows (To Be Confirmed) 
Floor Standing
16' Overall Height

Can be seen under power in our Livonia Warehouse! 

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