HYD-MECH Model M-20A 20" x 30" Fully Automatic Mitering Bandsaw







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Rect-Cap (H) - 20 inches
Rect-Cap (W) - 30 inches
Rounds-Cap - 20 inches
Power - 10 horsepower
Type (Auto, Manual, Semi) - automatic
Blade Width - 1.5 inches
Blade Thickness - 042 inches
Blade Length - 246 inches
CNC Control - no
Shuttle Stroke - 0-33"
Mitering Capability - 30-90 Deg
Dimensions - 135" x 90" x 66"
Max Table Load - 8000 pounds

PLC 500  fully programmable controller that allows for automatic production of jobs consisting of double angle parts. Machine can automatically swing the head, alternating between two different programmed angles, producing parts with a different angle on each end
Full Capacity Overhead Bundling
Variable Vise Pressure
Out of Stock Switch
Heavy Duty Full Stroke Vises
Cast Iron Guide Arms and Wheels
Power Blade Chip Brush
Heavy Duty Motor and Gear box With Variable Frequency Drive System.

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