220lb American Hofmann Model PCX-131 Horizontal Hard Bearing Balancing Machine









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Bearing Journal Diameter - 1.18" - 3.14"
Belt Drive - 1 HP / 3 phase / 60 cycle / 480 volt
Base Size - 16" x 30"
Speed - 400 - 4800 RPM
Max. Weight of Rotor - 220 pounds
Max. Weight per Pedestal - 110 pounds
Min. Weight of Rotor - 110 pounds
Max. Diameter of Rotor over Belt Tensioners - 31 inches
Max. Length of Rotor between Bearing Centers - 24 inches
Min. Length of Rotor between Bearing Centers - 3.5 inches
Approximate Weight - 2500 pounds

Hofmann CNC Unbalance Measuring System with PC Based System. Applications Version 2.1.11, Measure Version 4.0.9. For Two Plane, Static Couple, Belt Drive Applications with Allen-Bradley Touch Screen HMI. Push Button Controls for 16” x 30” Base with Adjustable Height Hard Bearing Supports with Pneumatic Hold Down Brackets. End Stops. Photo Electric Scanning Head. Under Slung Variable Speed Belt Drive Air Tensioner. American Hofmann 11lb Test Rotor.

The Balancer is being offered cleaned, cycled, and guaranteed to be in very good working condition. It can be inspected under power on our floor. 

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