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Dimensions - 101" x 49" x 78"
Weight - 4450 pounds

Brand: Gecam
Model: GT 13S

We are pleased to offer you a solution offered by GECAM of Italy to efficiently remove burrs from punched and laser cut parts in one single pass in materials up to 2.0” thick.  This is a linear grinding process, not using contact rollers with belts or abrasive rollers.  It will clean the surfaces and significantly round sharp edges.

Working width: 52"
Max. material thickness: 2"
Min. work piece length: 7"
Max. opening height: 2.5"
Dust collector capacity: 3,000 CFM (not included)
Dust collector connections: 2 @ 7"
Brush head motor: 2 @ 7 H.P.
RPM: 1,400
Voltage: 480 volt 3 phase
Electrical disconnect: 40 amps
Electrical standard: IP 54
Noise level: 82 DBa
Max. work piece weight: 660 Lbs.
Dimensions: 101" x 49" x 78"
Weight: 4,450 Lbs.

New complete set of abrasive blocks sell for $2,820 and have a 400 hour life expectancy 
Wet style dust collector available for $15,100

Average Abrasive Consumption of this machine depends on a number of factors and is actually proportional to the linear inches of edge fed through the machine while factoring in the feed rate.  For most customers the average consumption rates between $9.00 and $14.00 per hour.

The machine efficiently rounds edges of all types of metallic material.  Minimum thickness of the parts can be as thin as 0.020”.  The machine will not remove dross and burr per se. Paint quality and corrosion prevention is significantly enhanced with rounded edges.  Safety for the final user and during handling in your processes is also improved.  The risk of injuries is minimized.  

When processing materials like Aluminum and Titanium special precautions and clean up is required.  In addition, use of a wet dust collector is mandatory.   

The GT 13 is very easy to operate, can store programs, has good accessibility for maintenance and cleaning and features the fastest block change in the industry without having to remove the belts.  These advantages combined with the most stable block guidance of any cross-belt machine ensure efficient operation and superior results.

8” HD Color Monitor with an intuitive user interface enables you to learn quickly how to operate the machine and gives you full control over the position of both upper and lower working belt as well as material thickness setting. 

Machine has been factory refurbished and Includes 180 days parts only warranty.

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