USED MITSUBISHI 5-AXIS CNC LASER, Model VZ1, 3,000 peak / 2,000 constant , Stock No. 10440




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Sheet-W - 60 inches
Sheet-L - 80 inches
Wattage - 3000 watts
X-Travel - 79.9 inches
Y-Travel - 59.8 inches
Z-Travel - 23.6 inches
CNC Control - yes
Type of CNC Control - Mitsubishi
Dimensions - 140" x 231" x 143"
Weight - 17000 pounds

Wattage: 3,000 peak / 2,000
constant X-axis stroke: 79.9"
Y-axis stroke: 59.8"
Z-axis stroke: 23.6"
Work piece size: 80" x 60" x 24"
Workpiece weight: 2,090 lbs.
X-axis speed: 1,378 IPM
Y-axis speed: 1,378 IPM
Z-axis speed: 984 IPM
Dimensions: 139.5" x 231.4" x 143.7"
Weight: 17,000 Lbs.
W axis: +/- 360 degrees
U axis: +/- 180 degrees
H axis (height sensing): +/- .39"
Max processing feedrate: (X,Y,Z) 984 IPM
Max processing feedrate: (W,U) 180 degrees per second
Table pass height: 25.6"

Equipped with:
3020D resonator
Rigid machine design on hybrid frame - designed using CAE (computer aided engineering) guarantees increased accuracy and repeat ability
Large work piece capacity - the machine can handle a work piece up to 2,090 Lbs.
Zero offset processing head incorporates water-cooled optics for less thermal stress
+ 360 degree W-axis stroke
AC smart servo drive system - provides unsurpassed cutting accuracy and high-speed positioning.
The AC smart servo is complete with absolute encoders
Minimal warm up time (45 seconds)
Quick exchange collimation mirror
Part teaching aid incorporates a visible laser capacitance height sensing
incorporates dual damage reduction mechanism with no ceramic parts
Control unit: Floppy disk: 1.44 MB IBM compatible Hard disk drive capacity: 2.0 GB or 16000000 points
Graphic display: 10.4" TFT color
LED Mounting: onto processing machine CPU / type: 64 bit / PC Program memory size: 5000m or 32000 points

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