USED SOCO AUTOMATIC NON-FERROUS SAW Model MC-350NFA, 4-1/4”, Stock No. 7874, Year 1987









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Max Dia. Blade - 14 inches

Brand: SOCO
Model: MC-350NFA

Cutting Capacity Round Solid @ 90 deg: 4-1/4”
Cutting Capacity Round Tube @ 90 deg: 4-1/4”
Cutting Capacity Square Solid @ 90 deg: 4”
Cutting Capacity Square Tube @ 90 deg 4-1/4”
Cutting Capacity Flat & Profile @ 90 deg: 5” x 3”
Saw Blade Dimensions: 14”
Automatic Feed Length (one stroke): 1/4” - 27”
# of Multi Strokes: 2
Shortest Cut-off Length (Automatic): 1/4”
Main Saw Motor: 5 HP 1,750 RPM
Voltage: 220/3/60
Coolant Type: Uni Spray Mist
Air Requirements: 85 PSI

Equipped with:
• Chip Collector Model# SDC-2041, 1HP, 110 volt
• Mist Lubrication System
• Rigid structure with heavy duty steel fabricating base provides minimal vibration & cutting
• Designed for high power output performance
• Equipped with a digital readout unit for ease in setting the material feeding stroke cutting length
• Specially designed for changing clamping jaws easily and quickly
• Automatic oil mist system lubricates the saw blade surface
• Suited for cutting non ferrous material: e.g. aluminum, brass, copper, PVC, carbon

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