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Tonnage - 1500 tons
Stroke - 16 inches
Daylight - 32 inches
Power - 60 horsepower
Bed Width - 144 inches
Bed Length - 54 inches
CNC Control - yes
Type of CNC Control - Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500
Dimensions - 144" x 155" x 198"
Weight - 215000 pounds

Brand: Macrodyne
Model: 1500 ton


Maximum pressing force: 1,500 tons
Maximum lifting force @ rapir return speed: 12 tons
Stripping force: 100 tons
Maximum blank dampening resistance: 100 tons
Bed size L-R: 144"
Bed size F-B: 54"
Approximate distance between guide elements L-R: 76"
Distance between tension members F-B: 56"
Daylight: 32"
Stroke: 16"
Shut height: 16"
Approximate width of press L-R: 144"
Approximate depth of press with platform F-B: 155"
Approximate height of press: 198"
Approximate height of bed above floor: 38"
Approximate weight of press: 215,000 lbs.
System pressure: 3,900 PSI
Pump horsepower: 60


Fast approach speed 7.5" @ 100 IPM: 4.50 seconds
Pressing speed at full tonnage .5" @ 6 IPM: 5.00 seconds
Fast return speed 8" @ 100 IPM: 4.80 seconds
Acceleration, deceleration, decompression, compression, valving time, etc: .70 seconds
Total press cycle time: 15 seconds 

The slide and bed are designed for a deflection of no more than 0.002"/ft of span front to back and left to right, based on the total spans, in combined bending and shear.

Press frame:
The press frame is constructed in the monolithic welded frame style to provide optimum stiffness and guiding capability. The press frame will incorporate the upper crosshead, ribbed end plates and lower bed. The two main front to back window sections are constructed from heavy plate and are profiled with window openings which are machined to accomodate the clear opening of the press and slide. The frame is themally stress relieved prior to final machining.

The slide is fabricated from heavy plates into a deep box section with proper ratio of slide depth to span left to right. The provides improved stiffness and more precise guiding capability. The slide fabrication is thermally stress relieved prior to final machining.

The adjustable 8 point guiding on the slide will be arranged to provide generous length of contact on the slides of the frame to facilitate precision guiding. 

The guide wear strips are made from self lubricated material and are the replaceble type. The guiding surfaces mounted to the press frame and manufactured from replaceble, hardened steel plates which are precision ground to a smooth finish. 

Equipped with:
Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 PLC
Allen bradley Panelview 300 operator interface 
Semi-automatic, set-up and manual controls 
Programmable return stop position
Fast return and slowdown position settings
Pressing speed settings
Tonnage settings
Stripping tonnge settings
Blank dampening resistance settings
Pressing dwell settings
Slide position indication
Jogging functions
Fault diagnostics
Parts counter
Lock pin function

The machine currently has a roller style bed and assist cylinders mounted to the ram that can be easily removed

Machine is sold AS-IS Where-IS

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