3125, Trumpf, Cell 3000 / TruMicro 7240, Ablation process, 2016




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True Micro Laser 7240

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Please Note:
** This is a two unit Machine Cell & Laser mostly
used for Ablation Processes such as laser cleaning
or selective coating removal.

Trulaser Cell 3000
Axis Travel Range
X - Axis 31.50"
Y - Axis 23.62"
Z - Axis 15.75"
B Axis +/- 135 Degrees

Maximum Axis Speeds
Axially Parallel in X 50m/min
Axially Parallel in Y 50m/min
Axially Parallel in Z 50m/min
Simultaneous 85 m/min
B Axis 120 1/min

Maximum Axis Accelerations
Axially Parallel in X 10 m/s²
Axially Parallel in Y 10 m/s²
Axially Parallel in Z 10 m/s²
Simultaneous 17 m/s²
B Axis 130 rad/s²

Positioning Accuracy
Linear Axes (X, Y, Z) 0.00059055"
Rotary Axes (B) 0.02 Degrees

Maximum Laser Power 300W

TruMicro 7240 - POWER SUPPLY

Laser Perameters
Average Output power 300W
Beam Quality 5 mm /mrad
Wavelength 515 nm
Pulse Duration 300 ns
Maximum Pulse Engergy 7.5 mJ
Minimum Repetition Rate 20 kHz
Maximum Repetition Rate 100 kHz
Minimum Laser Light Cable Dia 100 um

Approx Dimensions
57.48 W
53.15 H
28.74 D

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