GE 112.5 KVA dry type Transformer, Step up or Step down




112.5 KVA

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New old stock, unused in crate, dry type step down or step up, Delta, Wye
Power112.5 kV·A
Dimensions31" X 39" x 48"
Weight700 lbs.
GE transformer Catalog Number 9T10A1005, Type QL 112.5 KVA, 60HZ, 3 PH, 4.1% IMP 40C Amb., 150C Rise, 220C System, IS-19C Primary (H) 480V (Line-Line) Secondary (X) 208 (Line-Line) 120 (Line-Neutral) Jumper Connections Tap VOLTS 1-2 503 2-3 494 3-4 480 4-5 467 5-6 458 6-7 445 7-8 431 Net weight 680 Lbs., 68055, DY75A, NP3, 032217 Enclosure Type 2 (IP20). or rainproof Type 3R (IP22) when provided shield 9T18Y1074G06 before handling, Installing and Operating, See instruction 475A667AAP001 Outline: Aluminum Conductor Primary: 10KV BIL Secondary: 1-KV BIL 3038111GEDYP75A IN ACCORDANCE WITH SECTION 450-9, ALOW AT LEAST SIX INCHES CLEARANCE FOR VENTALATION. CHECK ADDITIONAL NEC AND LOCAL CODE GE Energy Industrial solutions, NEMA Class AA dry type Transformer Meets DOE 2016 EfficiencyEnclosure, Lugs "X" and lugs "H", and all available manuals, Skid and crate

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