3152, Standard Industrial, AB-200-12, Single Axis, 12' CNC Hydralulic Press brake, 2017





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Spec Sheet

Forming: 200 Tons
Punching: 135 Tons
Bed/Ram Length: 12'
Between Frames: 10' 5"
Open Height: 14"
Stroke: 8"
Closed Height: 6"
Throat Depth: 10"

Standard Features:

Full-tonnage throughout stroke
Solid, non-moveable lower beam substantially
more rigid than "bed level" press brakes
Off-center loading capability
The most heavy duty press brake built in the USA
Extremely heavy duty lower beams allowing the least
amount of deflection.
Less deflection = longer tool life = more profitability
Groove in bed for tooling is standard on all brakes
All components are readily available from your local suppliers
Precision mechanical in-line depth stop as back-up for
any CNC control
The in-line depth stop ensures no down-time due to
computer failure
Weight: approx. 32,000 lbs.

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