Advertising opportunities

Whether you’re a dealer looking to list machines or a vendor supporting the machine industry,
these are all the ways to get your ad seen by thousands with Locator Online.

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When you need more eyes on your used machines, Locator Online is your go-to tool. We’re trusted by the Machinery Dealers Association of America, and have been connecting machine buyers and sellers for over 50 years. For a minimal monthly fee, you can utilize Locator’s audience by listing your machines for thousands of buyers to see, expanding your reach and bringing buyers to your inventory. Photos and specifications can be easily and quickly added to ensure your machines end up in the right person’s feed. When a buyer is interested in your machine, our listings make it easy for them to contact you directly and start the selling process immediately. Join Locator Online and start listing your machines below!


- Less than 10 Listings - $4.50 / Listing / Month

- 10 - 20 Listings - $3.50 / Listing / Month

- 21 - 99 Listings - $2.50 / Listing / Month

- 100 - 199 Listings - $2.00 / Listing / Month

- 200+ Listings - $1.50 / Listing / Month

Max price per month capped at $450.00. You will never pay more than this per month in Listing Costs.

MDNA Pricing:

- Member pricing - All Listings - $0.99 / Listing / Month

Max price per month for MDNA members capped at $149.00. MDNA members will never pay more than this per month in Listing Costs.

Minimum monthly listing cost of $1.00 if you have any active listings.

Featured Ribbon icon Featured Listings

Locator Online users can set their machine listings as "Featured". Featured listings sit at the very top of machine search results, and stay flagged as buyers scroll through machines. A featured machine can display video, price and more information overall to show potential buyers what they need to know before contacting you. This ensures that your machine is always seen at the top of the stack. Join Locator Online and start listing your machines below!
Pricing: $49.95 per month / per featured listing

Locator Emails

Locator Online gives you direct access to the thousands of companies on Locator Online. Our email services contact thousands of companies regarding Wanted or For Sale machines. Within these emails, you can advertise via display ads that link to live listings and include information on upcoming auctions and liquidations. Learn more about our email advertising services by joining Locator Online below.
Pricing: $1,500.00 per email sent to our contact list

End User Email Distribution

When listing machines on Locator Online, you can choose to showcase selected listings in our end user email distribution email blast. Twice a month (the 15th and the 30th) we distribute an email to thousands of end users that are looking for machinery. Want some visibility on new in stock machines? Join Locator Online below and start showcasing your machines through our end user distribution.
SALE Pricing: $48.50 (Regular Price $97.00) per listing in an End User Email Distribution blast