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Used Machinery Dealers in Minnesota

Contact one of these machinery dealers in Minnesota to discuss your requirements. These companies can help you buy or sell machine tools, particularly metalworking machinery. Use the FREE Buy-Sell Service to buy or sell. You may also search our database of used machinery for sale.

Hoff Machinery Inc.
7645 Baker St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55432
Phone: (612) 521-5700
Fax: (612) 521-9358
Email: nikki.greenwaldt@hoffmachinery.com
Website: www.hoffmachinery.com
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Strand Industrial Machinery Co.
PO Box 19
Hamel, MN 55340
Phone: (763) 478-0306
Fax: (763) 478-0307
Email: sales@strandindustrialmachinery.com
Website: www.strandindustrialmachinery.com
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