63" Cameron Machine Paper - Foil Slitting Line, #2733




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35# Kromkote & heat seal papers (23x36/500)
Material Thickness 0.0005" to 0.030"

Type of Machine 648-901.A-SMP42
Heavy Duty Differential Duplex Slitter-Rewinders
Rewind Roll Diameter: 42"
Material Width Maximum 63"
Material Thickness 0.0005" to 0.030"
35# Kromkote and heat seal papers (24X36/500)
to 60# Kraft (24X36/500)
Line Speed: 2000 FPM
Type of Drive: 30 HP Hydraulic Drive
Hand of Drive: Left Hand
Rewind Shafts: Two (2) Diff 3.031" diameter rewind shafts
Each with ten driving collars for sample cores
Knife system: Dienes Modul II L Laser knife system

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