Airline Model 10312P, 72", Rebuilt, 4" To 9" Dia, Touchscreen Control





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S170702P Airline Model 10312P 72” External Seamer

78” total welding/clamping length capacity
Includes a tapered air cooled mandrel for welding cones
Minimum diameter ranges from 4” to 9” depending on length of part
48” maximum diameter capacity (Can be increased with a riser)
3” wide individual aluminum fingers with copper tips
Airline model TBC-3 rack & pinion variable speed driven carriage from 7 to 200 IPM
4” Linde torch angle adjuster
Gas purge back-up bar
New Weld Plus Touch Screen control to be added during rebuild
Shipping dimensions: 13’ long x 3’ wide x 9’ high
Shipping weight: 4,500 lbs.
Serial #1384

Rebuilt w/ WPI Control & Pneumatics replaced: $57,950

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