12” x 40” Mitsubishi Model RB32 #100A CNC Angle Grinding Machine





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Maximum Swing - 12.6 inches
Maximum Center Distance - 39.37 inches
Maximum Workpiece Diameter - 7.87 inches
Maximum Workpiece Weight - 331 pounds
Wheel Size - 17.9" x 6" x 3"
Wheel Peripheral Speed - 148 Ft/S
Wheel Rotation - 1888 RPM
Wheel Spindle Rapid Traverse - 39 Ft/S
Wheel Spindle Feed Rate - 0.0004 - 472 IPM
Wheel Motor - 7.3 HP
Table Rapid Traverse - 39 FPM
Table Rapid Feedrate - 0.00004 - 472 IPM
Headstock Spindle (Infinitely Variable) - 10 - 500 RPM
Headstock Center Taper - No.4 MT
Tailstock Stroke - 6.5 inches
Tailstock Center Taper - No.4 MT
Tailstock Taper Fine Adjusting Stroke - ± 0.05"
Approximate Weight - 12500 pounds

Fanuc Series O B CNC Control. Swing Down End Locator For Longitudinal Positioning. Controls For Automatic Dressing Compensation. Air Cut Eliminator. Taper, Shoulder, Contour, Plunge And Traverse Grinding Cycling.  Radius Grinding Cycle. Standard And Programmable Multi Step Dress Cycles. Variable Speed Live/Dead Center Headstock. Hydraulic Tailstock Stroking. Tailstock Foot Switch. Headstock Mounted Single Point Diamond Dresser. Front Splash Cover. Transformer. Manuals And Drawings. Coolant with Magnetic Filtration. Wheel Balancing Arbor. 1000lbs Jib for Wheel and Parts Handling. 

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out in our shop, cleaned and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power here in our plant. 

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