Voumard Model 5A/1000 Automatic Extended Base Universal Internal Grinding Machine







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Table Traverse Speed - 0-400 IPM (0-10 m/min)
Approximate Weight - 7000 Lbs
Approximate Dimensions - 120” Length x 60” Width x 78” Height
Electrics - 3/60/460V
Feed Steps - 0-.02mm
Finishing Feed Constant - .05mm
Roughing Feed - Adjustable - 0-.85 mm
Maximum Traverse Adjustment Using Lead Screw - 66mm
Maximum Longitudinal Adjustment - 350mm
Dwell Time - 0-5 sec
Table Speed for Truing - 0-4 m/min
Table Speed for Grinding - 0-6 m/min
Approx. Net Weight for Workpieces - 500mm length 5000 Lbs. (2250 kg), 1000mm length 6200 Lbs. (2800 kg)
Grinding Diameter - .20-8” (5-200mm)
Minimum Table Reciprocation - 1/8” (3mm)
Maximum Table Travel - 23.5” (600mm)
Maximum Workhead Swivel on Extended Machine Bed - 30°
Maximum Workhead Swivel with Face Grinding Device - 25°
Workhead Spindle Speed (6) - 140-280-435-560-870-1120 RPM
Workspindle Internal Taper metric - 70
Workspindle Bore Diameter - 1.968” (50mm)
Maximum Workpiece Length on Extended Machine Bed - 40” (1000mm)
Guard Inner Swing Diameter - 11.75” (300mm)
Center Height - 7.087” (180mm)
Maximum Grinding Depth - 10” (250mm)

Extended Base. Face Grinding Option with Cup Wheel. Wheel Dressers for Both Grinding Wheels. Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic Grinding Cycles. Roughing and Finishing Feeds. Dwell Timer. Spark-out Timer. Wheel Wear Compensation. Hydraulic Clamping. Coolant Thru Workhead Spindle. (8) Grinding Spindles. Miscellaneous Pulleys and Tooling. Coolant Filtration System.

This machine is being offered thoroughly checked out in our shop, cleaned and cycled.  It is being offered with a 30-Day Return Privilege and may be inspected under power here in our plant.

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