Nakashimada MST Series Multi-Station Parts Formers are designed to provide manufacturers the ability to produce precision products of the highest quality. The full range the MST offers is cutoff capabilities of 3mm - 20mm and from 3D3B to 7D7B







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The Nakashimada MST series Multi-Die Finger Transfer Parts Formers are especially designed for high-value precision-formed products. While the production speed is an important issue, Nakashimada has put even more effort for its accuracy. As a result, the MST series have become the best selling parts former in the field of manufacturing quality aircraft parts and rivets.

As a successor to the TH series, MST series is now available from 3.0mm to 14.5mm in wire diameter and from 5 Die 5 Blow to 7 Die 7 Blow in configurations, feature fully computerized adjustments to minimize the changeover interval. This computer system, called NCS is standard on all MST machines and can memorize more than 3,000 different shapes of complex components. The die block, cutter and finger devices are integrated into the unit in the major models of the MST series and the unit can be lifted and turned towards operator side for easy adjustment. For transfer, fast arc movement is adapted and various functions such as extra parts discharge finger, short blank support, etc for more application.

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