USED AMADA AUTOMATIC HORIZONTAL BAND SAW , Model HA-400W, 16" x 16", 1997, Stock No. 10548









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Rect-Cap (H) - 16 inches
Rect-Cap (W) - 16 inches
Rounds-Cap - 16 inches
Power - 7.5 horsepower
Type (Auto, Manual, Semi) - automatic
Blade Width - 1.5 inches
Blade Thickness - .050 inches
Blade Length - 15 feet
CNC Control - no
Dimensions - 90" x 106" x 63"
Weight - 4850 pounds
Max Table Load - 5511 pounds

Brand: Amada
Model: HA-400W

Maximum cutting capacity 90 deg, round: 16"
Maximum cutting capacity 90 deg, square: 16" x 16"
Blade dimensions: 15' x 1-1/2" x .050"
Blade guides: Carbide
Guide arm (manual / powered): Manual
Blade speeds: 50 - 295 FPM
Number of speeds: Infinite
Blade motor: 7.5 H.P.
Blade drive type: Motor to pulley to gearbox
Blade tension type: Hydraulic
Hydraulic motor: 2 H.P.
Hydraulic Tank Capacity: 31.5 Gallons
Coolant motor: 1/4 H.P.
Coolant type: Flood
Coolant tank capacity: 10.5 Gallons
Maximum feed length: 19.6"
Number of multi indexes: 9x
Table height: 31.5"
Maximum weight load: 5,511 Lbs.
Vise type: Hydraulic
Remnant length: 3"
Voltage: 440 volt 3 phase
Dimensions: 90" x 106" x 63"
Weight: 4,850 Lbs.

Equipped with:
Length set with hand wheel and has a mechanical length readout
Amp meter
4 vertical rollers
Wash down hose
Blade break switch
Out of stock switch
Piece counter
Powered screw type chip auger
Fast approach of blade to cut area
Powered chip brush
Positive hydraulic down feed
Manual/automatic mode

We put our Bandsaws through a 20 Point Inspection and Repair Process assuring immediate performance when they hit your floor.

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