30,000 lbs x 60" Wide Dallas Industries Coil Cradle Straightener





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Coil Weight - 30000 pounds
Coil Width - 60 inches
Coil Thickness - .250 inches

Dallas Ind. Coil Cradle Straightener Combination Uncoiler Specifications:
Coil weight capacity: 30,000 Lbs.
Coil width capacity: 60"
Stock thickness capacity: .250" x 60" Wide
Stock thickness capacity: .312" x 24" Wide
Coil OD capacity: 72"
Equipment and Features:
Coil cradle straightener entry and exit pinch rolls
Air operated adjustable coil cradle straightener entry pinch roll
Manual adjustable coil cradle straightener exit pinch roll via screw jacks
Seven  coil cradle straightener straightening rolls x 5" diameter
Hand crank upper coil cradle straightening roll adjustments via screw jacks
Inline (Floor Mounted) coil cradle straightener powered straightener
Air operated peeler assembly
Dual adjustable coil cradle straightener side plates with side plate rollers
Reverse loop stock deflector
Over head guide chute (air operated)
Chute extension
Variable speed drive system
Common operator's control console
Jog forward and reverse
Auto / Run cycle
Loop control

Reconditioned, painted and 100% cycling

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