800 Ton Verson S4-800-120-60T, 20" Str, 52" SH, 20-40 VSPM, 44" Windows, (2)


2387 & 2395



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Spec Sheet

Standard Specifications
800 ton Capacity
20" Stroke
52" Shut Height
24" Motorized Adjustment
120" LR x 60" FB Bed Area
120" LR x 60" FB Slide Area
20-40 VSPM

Equipment and Features
Air Clutch and Brake
Air Counterbalances
Recirculating Lube System
T-Slotted Ram
8" Thick T-Slotted Bolster
Hydraulic Overloads
Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts
44" Wide Windows
Air Cushions
Knockouts in Ram
Motors and Controls
Black Max Light Curtains front and back
OmniLink II Press Controls

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