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WTTBD-II Transfer System

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Transfer Specifications:
Transfer X-Axis Feed Length (pitch) 0 – 36”
Transfer Y-Axis Feed Length (clamp) 0 – 36”
Transfer Z-Axis Feed Length (lift) 0 – 24”
Transfer Speed (strokes per minute) 25
(Based on 25” pitch / 9” clamp / 3” lift) 
* (based on a 270 degree transfer angle)

Start and finish points of transfer motions (All Axis)
Fully programmable.
Electrical supply 480V-3Ph-60Hz ‘grounded wye’
Air Supply 90 PSI
General Application Specifications:
Model: Minster E2-600
Station: TBD
Bed Size: TBD
Feed Manner: TBD
Stroke: 12” Plus
Maximum Part and Tooling Weight: 200 lbs. Total

The transfer speed noted is based solely on the ability of the transfer to move that programmed distance. Die configuration, part configuration, and press motion can affect actual system performance.
Higher speeds may be achieved if, lesser move parameters are required or, larger motors and drives are applied. Prices for these components can be provided upon request.
The permissible movement of an axis can fall anywhere within the listed ranges and programmed accordingly. This movement can functionally be used for an application, but movements other than the values listed for the performance calculations will affect the actual SPM.
Unless otherwise noted, all references to system speed are based on standard slide motion. If a press is provided with link type slide motion, the motion must be reviewed to determine its affect on overall system speed.
Maximum Part and Tooling Weight listed is at maximum speed. Higher loads can be transferred with this system at reduced speeds. Consult Wayne Trail for analysis of system speeds when exceeding this rating.

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