300 Ton Verson S2-300-96-54t Used Straight Side Mechanical Metal Stamping Press For Sale




S2-300-96-54t SSDC

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Spec Sheet

Tonnage - 300
Stroke - 12 inches
Shut Height - 33 inches
Adjustment - 6 inches
Bed Size - 96" LR x 54" FB
Ram Area - 96" LR x 54" FB
SPM - 30 SPM

Standard Specifications

Used Verson Press Model# S2-300-96-54t
Straight Side Mechanical Press
300 ton Capacity
12" Stroke
33" Shut Height on Bed
6" Motorized Adjustment
96" LR x 54" FB Bed Area
96" LR x 54" FB Slide Area
25-30-40 SPM

Equipment and Features
Air Clutch and Brake
Air Counterbalances
Recirculating Lube System
(1) Sheave Provided for 30 SPM
T-Slotted Ram and Bolster Plate
Triad Brake Monitor
38" Wide Windows
Motors and Controls
Floor Standing

This Used 300-ton Verson Mechanical Metal Stamping Press Can be sold Clean, Painted, and 100% cycling or Fully Reconditioned with updated controls.  Please speak with your salesperson to decide what is the best option for your companies needs.

Can be seen under power upon request at the S&G Press Livonia Michigan Warehouse!

300 ton Verson Straight Side Press Mechanical Metal Stamping Press For Sale

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