Surftran C-250 Thermal Energy Method (TEM) Deburring Machine





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Chamber Clamping Force - 250 Tons
Chamber Height - 6"
Chamber Diameter - 7"
Gas Compressor - 20 HP, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 460V
Approximate Weight - 16,000 lbs

The TEM methods used intense heat to deburr/deflash. Parts to be processed are sealed in a chamber that is pressurized with combustible gas and oxygen. The mixture is ignited by a spark plug, creating a very short heat flash. The oxidation is short. Long enough to transport burrs and flash to oxide powder but not long enough to change parts dimensionally or metallurgically.

6-Station Indexing Tube for Loading and Unloading Parts. Manual and Automatic Cycling. Gas Compressor. Gas Mixture system. (2) Spare Blast Chambers. Blower System. Mist Collector. Cartridge Typ Air Filtration System. Large Assortment of Deals. 

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